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Information (GDPR Art. 13)

Responsible operator

The responsible operator is shown on the contact page. He is also your contact for private data protection.

Data processing purpose

Purpose of data processing is the contact.

Duration of data storing

Emails are deleted as soon their purpose is finished, however at the latest after one year.

Legal bases of data processing

Email contact form: The data processing has Par. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR legal basis (weighing of interests) and is necassary for the operating purpose. The operator has a justifiable interest in this.

Email Privacy

Your rights (GDPR Art. 13)

Right of update of data (Art. 16)

Right of restriction of data processing (Art. 18)

Right of deleting of data (Art. 17)

Right of enquiry about data (Art. 15)

Right of transferable data (Art. 20)

Right of appeal (Art. 77)